Online Remote Sensing Graduate and Masters Certification

The University of Southern California’s Spatial Sciences Institute now offers an online Graduate Certificate in Remote Sensing for Earth Observation (RSEO). This program is a convenient way to gain an education in the principles of spatial data acquisition that can benefit both experienced professionals and newcomers to the field.Information from sources such as satellites, radar and infrared sensors provides valuable insights into areas of the Earth where it’s difficult or dangerous for humans to take first-hand measurements. Remote sensing is a powerful way of seeing the world, and it opens the possibility for entirely new areas of research as well as security and disaster relief efforts. For example, remote sensing allows users to develop highly accurate and detailed maps of difficult-to-traverse areas. Remote sensing also makes possible the monitoring of the long-term effects on key planetary systems, such as forests, glaciers, water and wildlife, and to assess ecosystem integrity…

How GIS can Used in Real Estate Industry?

Geographic information science (GIS) has wide-ranging applications, providing valuable insights into everyday challenges for city residents, the surfaces of other planets, election results, and more. While many GIS jobs are found in government agencies and civil service, the private sector is also increasingly making use of these systems. Geospatial information can benefit organizations in industries ranging from harvesting timber to insurance.Real estate is one field where sophisticated tools for analyzing geographic information have made a significant impact. GIS master programs offer troves of information regarding property boundaries and zone types—details that come in handy for developers, real estate agents, property owners and others.GIS in Real Estate In the mid-1990s, businesses began to explore the possibilities of GIS in real estate. Initially, geographic data mainly served as a resource to streamline tasks for analysts. However, real estate companies soon saw GIS technology…

What are the Best GIS Technologies in 2020?

Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) includes a versatile range of tools and techniques for capturing, analyzing and leveraging spatial information. With each passing year, advances in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) reveal exciting possibilities for urban planning, retail, space exploration, and more. In 2020, experts make the most of these opportunities by staying up to date as new ways of optimizing and employing GIS technology emerge.By implementing robust GIS software applications, professionals can capture and visualize valuable geospatial intelligence. That’s why it’s vital for GIST experts to possess the combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on training that comes from attending a forward-looking online GIST graduate program. Here are some of the ways GIS technology is used to meet complex challenges, including a preview of some of the fascinating changes ahead: Open Source GIS Mapping Software Empowers InnovationOpen-source GIS mapping software gi…